dalco does it all

No one wants to be caught off guard, especially with a practice as busy as yours. Rest assured with DALCO's preventive maintenance procedures you will have peace of mind and the reassurance your equipment is performing optimally. DALCO offers scheduled preventive maintenance at your convenience coupled with reminder notifications that allow efficient time management and seamless practice performance. Our ANSI/AAMI certified technicians provide you with detailed calibration and inspection reports, further ensuring your practice's accreditation and compliance with state requirements. DALCO's preventive maintenance procedures reduce the possibility of future inconveniences as well as hazards toward your patients, staff, and practice. 

dalco provides preventive maintenance services for the medical, dental and veterinary fields  that include but are  not limited to:


  • Vaporizer calibration confirmation

  • anesthesia machine inspection

  • ventilator performance inspection

  • patient monitor inspection

  • defibrillator performance inspection

  • autoclave sterility and performance inspection

  • nitrous oxide unit calibration confirmation

  • medical gas system performance inspection

  • medical gas alarm function verification

  • medical gas pressure integrity testing

  • vacuum pump inspection and maintenance

  • state certified x-ray calibration and inspection

  • ansi/AAMI certified biomedical preventive maintenance